Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy 1 Year Baby Girl!

This week Little Miss is no longer a baby! We officially hit the 1 year mark on Labor Day! It seems kind of fitting, especially if you remember her getting here story here. We had our 1 year appointment at the doctors to confirm my little peanut is a peanut.
Here she is at the doctor's office. We now weigh in at 18 lbs 9 oz and 27.5 inches long, we are quite the mover so even though she eats a ton she is still a peanut. And for proof here is the Carter's size chart:

Size detailHeightWeight
Preemie (P)Up to 17 inUp to 5 lb
Newborn (NB)Up to 21.5 in5 – 8 lb
3M21.5 - 24 in8 - 12.5 lb
6M24 – 26.5 in12.5 – 16.5 lb
9M26.5 – 28.5 in16.5 – 20.5 lb
12M28.5 – 30.5 in20.5 – 24.5 lb
18M30.5 – 32.5 in24.5 – 27.5 lb
24M32.5 – 34 in27.5 – 30 lb
Little Miss who just stopped wearing 6 month clothes about a week ago is 100% still only in 9 month sizes! Love her no matter what:)

Did/do you have a big baby or a peanut like us?

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