Monday, October 22, 2012

Big Girl Car Seat

We finally broke down and got a convertible carseat for Little Miss. That being said, we are still using her carrier as well. The thing is Little Miss is still under 20 lbs, even at 13 months, so there is NO WAY she is going forward facing for a while. However, Hubby takes her to school in the morning and I pick her up, so carrying a infant carrier and a almost 20 lb baby was getting to be a little much. It was time to get a second carseat. We knew it was coming but I was putting it off.

Per usual Hubby and I did a TON of research before deciding on the Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite. (with a coupon you can get the Quartz/grey one like we did for $80!) The best part of this seat is that it comes from rear facing to forward facing to booster. It was just what we need for our little peanut! The only thing I really compromised on was the color, but I was not paying $170 just to get a tan one!

I was a littler nervous about getting this carseat in the car after reading the reviews online, and I will not say it was easy, but Hubby and I have got the seat in nice and tight and Little Miss LOVES that she can see more in Hubby's car! We did learn a couple trick to install this seat:

1- Pull the over off on the side with the LATCH tightening strap and pull it straight up through the carseat. When we pulled it on an angle it would just not get tight enough.
2- Be sure to put a towel under the front if you have bucket seats in the back, makes the incline better for the baby.
3- Use non-slip shelf/rug liner under the seat if you have leather. (This is actually something we learned from the local police station when we had the carrier seat checked before Little Miss was born. They said the seat protectors cause the seat to not be as tight (which I knew) but the non-slip stuff just makes them that much tighter.)

Better shot of the actually seat:

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