Friday, December 21, 2012

Acupuncture meets Jacqui

Although I learned to love yoga, and am sure it helped me through child birth, I am not the jump on the bandwagon person with all things in that nature. So when my Doctor recommended acupuncture I was not sold on the idea. However, when I checked my insurance (it was covered, thank you new job!) I figured with all the pain I was in it was worth a shot. One insurance search later and I was scheduled to see April at East Meets West.

In my mind this is what my back looks like during the sessions! 

Well that was back in August and now I am happy to say that I am almost pain free! The difference I have felt from the treatments is nothing but AMAZING! My issue with sciatic pain was mainly that my muscles would not release around the nerve causing pain down my leg. Well I am happy to report that my muscles love the needles and so do I! They really don't hurt at all (just the first 2 in my feet!) and the 20 minutes on the table is a great time to focus and relax my whole body. I plan to continue going to see April even after my pain is gone, just not as regularly 

I am totally on the train for acupuncture now. I would love to know anyone else who has tried it and what you have used it for?

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