Monday, January 7, 2013

Making Freezer Fries

What does one do with a bunch of extra sweet potatoes after the holidays that you could just not pass up???

Turn them into sweet potato fries to keep in the freezer! (Although little miss is on a no sweet potato fry kick I will break her of that!)

First thing is you wake up early on a Saturday morning and have the kitchen to yourself (not really, but that did happen and I LOVED every minute of it) Ok so really you cut your potatoes into the shape you want, feel free to use a mandolin. 

While you are cutting, put a pot of water on to boil. When ready drop your fries in small batches into the pot to blanch for 3 minutes. 

After they are blanched put them on to a cookie sheet to cool. 

Once cooled I put them in the freezer overnight then into a plastic bag to keep. When I want fries I pull them out of the freezer and into a 375* over for 20-25 minutes. Perfect use of extra potatoes and a huge savings!

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