Monday, July 28, 2014

An extra hand

Every night after work, Miss E and I take Little B and the puppy on a walk. I love this time with my girls, but soon realized that two hands are a few too little for this job. While this hook for the stroller makes a great place to attach the dog leash, I am still one hand short when Miss E wants to hold my hand.

I knew I wanted to make a strap for Miss E to hold onto so she felt like she has something. But what exactly to do I was unsure, until I Pinterested my dilemma. (I mean who does not so that anymore!) So I found this link to a Toddler Bag Handle! It was the answer to my problems. I knew that this would be perfect to attach to the stroller (that was actually the part I had not figured out how to do, yet still be removable). With some extra fabric from the puppy bed and Little B's quilt (still working on that one), I was off to make my Toddler Bag Handle.

This project was super easy and only took about 30 minutes total to make both handles. I actually did it in several steps, so I am not sure the total time, but I promise it was not long at all. Here is our finished projects in action!

I love that I can use this on the stroller, shopping chart at the store, on my purse, or any where I need an extra hand. Check out our ladybug h
andle in action!

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