Monday, August 18, 2014

Jersey Tie Headband

I have been on a bit of a headband kick for the little ladies lately. So when I saw this tutorial I had to try these one as well.

I headed to my local Jo Ann Fabric (actually the one by work;) and got 3 different jersey fabrics to use.

Then I cut them into 3 inch wide pieces that are 26" long for the baby, 28" for my toddler, and 32" for me. I rounded off the edges and next was to fold the right sides together and run my zig zag stitch along them.
Then you will turn them right side out, finish stitching and you are done! It took me less then 30 minutes to make 9 (!) of these.

Here is Little Miss in her's the other weekend:

I am loving how easy these are!

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