Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Princess style

My 3 year old princess crazy little girl has decided her sister needs to also be a princess for Halloween. Because I refuse to pay $25 for a baby princess dress, I decide to check my Pinterest boards. I remembered pinning something about princess shirts and found it here. Miss E asked for her sister to be Cinderella so I used this tutorial as a guide. First thing I did was look for a shirt.

I was in H and M one day on my lunch hour and thought I would look around the baby section real quick, when I found this:
Three organic cotton long sleeve bodysuits for $12! How could I pass this up, and one in a light blue perfect for Cinderella:)

So on to the silk for the sleeves and skirt on the guide. While I was working on another project, I came across the silk from my mom and mother-in-law's wedding dresses I used to make ring pillows for our wedding. I decided this had to be used for the Cinderella costume. I cut out 6 pieces, 2 for the skirt and 4 for the sleeves.
Then it was time to sew. I started out my attaching a piece of lace like fabric ("borrowed" from my MIL that was left over from the dress she made for Miss E). I sewed that around the waistish area of the onesie and then added  the skirt puffs as seen here.

I did not want to cut off the sleeves (she will only be 8 months old) so I just did the same thing as the skirt puff around each sleeve and the shoulder seem.

Here is the finished product:

It came out very much how I saw it in my head so I was very happy with it. Add a little $1 headband from Jo Ann Fabric and Baby B is all set to go for Halloween!

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