Monday, November 10, 2014

Eclectic Mama Boutique

With a crazy teething baby since May, I have been looking for any teething products we can find to help her push those babies through. (First one finally made an appearance in October!) I found Jessica's shop Eclectic Mama Boutique this summer and she was nice enough to send me this beautiful teething necklace.

I love that Jessica has such a variety of necklaces to choice from as well as holiday and seasonal pieces. I love anyone that also loves and celebrates the changes in the year:)

Eclectic Mama Boutique send us a necklace to try, and how cute is her packaging

Perfect for gift giving.

Here is the necklace on its own:

And here is it in action!

Showing it off
Action shot!
This necklace has been a great for us lately. As our first 2 teeth have come in (with more quickly behind them) this has been a life saver for my hands and other necklaces. Also I love that it looks cute enough to wear any time.

Thanks to Jessica at Eclectic Mama Boutique for a great and useful product.

**No compensation was received for this post, all options are my own.

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