Monday, November 3, 2014

My Darling Boutique Shoes

I found the AMAZING Jamie at My Darling Boutique from another store I follow on FB and Instagram recently and wanted to try a pair of her shoes for Little B. With the cold weather coming I like to have something on her feet and she pulls off all her socks at this point still. When I saw Jamie shoe's I knew I had to have a pair.

I reached out to her to check about sizes (how awesome that she does it in inches!). She told me to add half an inch to have room for growth. With a 4" foot that meant Little B was a large size (made sense she was almost 8 months at the time). Before checking with Jamie about the size, I checked the shipping on the site.

Side note - I hate finding something that I love for a great price to only find out it will cost me about the same amount to ship the item.

When the shipping cost came up I almost feel off my chair. ONLY $1.20 to ship a pair of shoes! Best part when I added more it only went up to $1.70! A momma after my own heart with affordable shipping! I was so thrilled I emailed Jamie right away to tell her how amazing she was and that I appreciated how reasonable everything was. (She then offered to send me our first pair of shoes free!)

To start how cute are these!

Jamie let me pick any fabric I wanted and I thought these are perfect because they go with almost everything we own in Little B's closet. The best part about these shoes is how well they stay on. Living in the Northeast in the Fall/Winter I do worry about keeping Little B warm so My Darling Boutique shoes are the perfect way to keep B warm. Also she loves wearing them:

Please check out My Darling Boutique and Jamie, she is wonderful to work with and I thank her for our shoes. 

*** I was not compensated for this post, I was send the shoes to review for the blog. 

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