Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall Decorations

This Fall I decided we needed some new decorations around the house and I wanted something a little more adult (even with 2 little ones!). So as you do, I headed to Pinterest  and create a Halloween and Fall holiday boards.

Here are a few of our additions.

This little guy is sitting on our front porch for the Fall Holidays (aka until Christmas lights go up). I got this carveable pumpkin at Jo Ann's and printed my  "R" off the computer. I cut out the letter to make a stencil and then traced it on the pumpkin. A little silver paint and some outline in silver glitter (borrowed from Miss E's art supplies) and this little guy was done in about 30 minutes (includes dry time.)

Next was on to a burlap banner
I followed the information I found here and just left off the black dots. I liked mine without them.

Finally I decided to do a Fall leaf garland as well. I found a leaf clip art that I liked and then just cut out my leaves. I tried to keep one edge all the burlap edge at all times. Then I just used some Fall paint colors around the edges to finish it off and attached it to a piece of burlap string.

What have you been working on this fall?

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