Friday, January 5, 2018

Family Command Center

So if you are like me, and a little Pinterest addicted, I am sure you have seen the many options for "Family Command Centers." When we moved into our house last year, I bought this from Ikea to hang by the door we come in the house all the time. It worked well at first, then became cluttered looking, although it was still good for calendars and notes and such.

After seeing all the "Family Command Centers" and making my chore charts for the girls, I knew we needed to do something a little more. So I mapped out my space with painters tape and got to work!

I knew I wanted to hang the chore charts above a hook for each of the girls to put their bookbags. (Putting them on the bar stools in the kitchen was driving me nuts) So I had Hubby pick up these at Lowe's and I got plan document frames for the chore charts.

I also knew that I wanted to have a "cubby" for each family member to store papers and such to keep them off the counter. Again the paper on the counter = driving me nuts. After TONS of looking, I found this on Amazon:

I loved the shelf at the bottom for the dry erase markers for the chore charts and there was room for us each to have a folder. Arriving in 2 days (thank you Prime!) and I was all set to go.

So here is our final product and I am in LOVE! My counters and stools are clear and EVERYONE is using the system (fingers crossed it keeps up!)

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