Monday, April 26, 2010

Back Home

We got home from our trip in time for dinner and to go to bed early. Dinner was chili I took out before we left and some chips.

Followed by the last of the fruit from my Edible Arrangements last week.
Not a great eating day (very little veggies) but that is ok. Hubby and I actually talked in the car about how we want to change a lot of our recipes to make them with more veggies in the future. So that is our goal for the next few weeks to up our veggie intake. We are open to any ideas to add in more veggies!

This week is going to be crazy with 3 events at work and the new baby arriving later today or tomorrow! We are hoping to go meet her on Wednesday night. So I am going to try and eat well this week (said after eating some of the dark chocolate on my desk....)

Here was breakfast, French Press and a homemade by mom Breakfast cookie

Awesome job on the cookie Mom (only looks bad because it had been in Boston with us in my bag).

Lunch was a salad (in my new lunch container) with a cookie and almonds, and snacks for the afternoon. (Yes I have to get to the store if I want to eat healthy this week).

Now talking about things that I have found on my doorstep, look what was waiting for me when we got home yesterday!

Check out all the fun stuff Genesis sent me!! I was super excited for the Easter Plates as that is one of the Holidays I do not have a huge number of decorations for, but then came all the other fun goodies. Chocolate, oats, cheese crackers! AMAZING, thanks so much girl! Glad to have found you in the Blog World!

Have a great week everyone, I will be checking in as much as I can this week:)

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