Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last days of Events

Our last events at work where yesterday and today! I am so glad to be done. This year had been really a long one.

Our event last night was at Chickie's and Pete's in South Philly. My dinner was mainly crab fries (actually only a small plate of them and some Caesar Salad. Love the crab fries and cheese must try if you never have and live in the Philly area.

My co-worker and I also had a cannoli from the bakery right near the bar.

I am so Italian sometimes it is funny! Loved my cannoli:)

When I got home I did the 10 lb Slimdown Lower Body workout and refueled with some Vitamin Water Zero.

I would like to say I enjoyed it and all that but to be honest it just was like water, no real taste. Sorry Vitamin Water:(

Hubby and watched some DVR and I had a small bag of Maltesers. These are like British Whoppers and I LOVE THEM. British candy is so much better because they do not use all the preservatives found in US candies. So glad I married a Brit!

Breakfast this morning was the last of the fruit we bought for our visitors.
Grapes, banana with PB and some Tassimo tea.

Lunch was during a meeting a work and had 2 pieces of veggie filled pizza.

We have a graduation party for a co-worker this afternoon, then home for the rest of the veggie chili!

Don't forget my giveaway ends tomorrow!!


  1. crabfries...interesting, neverheard of it before. must be an east coast thing ;)

  2. Its actually just at this one place, if you come to the East Coast I will introduce you to them!

  3. I love Maltesers. I have a big bucket of them that TLS brought me from England in April. Le sigh. I will miss England and its candy when he moves to Germany.