Monday, June 7, 2010

Another weekend recap

I swear I am the worst blogger come the weekends. I feel like the weekends just get away from me. Ok so back to Friday. I got home and did a great relaxing Yoga Slimdown. I love how great my body feels after yoga and how relaxed my mind has become. I know I should do it more often, but I just still like a good sweaty workout too!

Dinner was some Veggie Chili that I made last week with extra veggies. With a side of chips this was the perfect dinner.

This recipe is great to use up extra vegetables and always is so tasty.

Hubby and I did not much else the rest of the night...maybe had some Harry and David's Mouse Munch:) (Just a little bag that was finished on Saturday....)

Saturday Hubby and I planned to help my mom make meals for the freezer. This is something Hubby and I love doing and Mom always says she does not have enough time to cook during the week. We had some breakfast, yummy Banana Pancakes (just pancake mix and bananas with coffee:) Love adding fruit in the morning.

And off we went to the store to buy some supplies and get a cooking.

Here is Mom and Hubby in the Kitchen:
We made:
Mom's Shepard's Pie filling
Chicken pot pie Filling
Veggie Chili
Chicken Continental

Mom was quite excited and it felt good to help her out. On the way home from the grocery store mom and I grabbed some lunch (ok cheese fries are not a great lunch but I LOVE THEM!)
We also picked up some puppy cream for Ellie. She loves it as you can tell she would not stay still to take a good picture!

After a nice 2 mile walk with the puppy we all decided that it was time for a treat for us. Time for Rits's!

Yummy Gelati with fat-free custard and Sugar Free Cherry Water ice. Tasty and not too bad for the waist line and dairy is always a good thing;)

Since it was so warm on Saturday, Hubby and I went with salad and cocktails for dinner (and some red beans and rice-Hubby is a little random like that).

My salad was simple, lettuce, carrot, beet root, egg, a pickle, and just sea salt and pepper. My cocktail was a nice refreshing homemade mint vodka with Diet 7 UP. Light and perfect on a hot night and veggies are always good!

Sunday was pretty boring as well. I woke up did and intense Lower and Upper Body Slimdown and made a great bowl of oats.

1/3 oats (love the grains)
1 cup water
1 spoonful of PB (and protein)
Strawberries and coconut flakes

This was so perfect with an iced coffee (coffee, ice, a splash of milk and a sweetener packet). Good thing this was such a filling breakfast since I did not have time for lunch.

I was doing a Solixir demo at Whole Foods in the afternoon and got home to relax before a fun dinner.

I grilled up the last of the eggplant from the cooking at Mom's the previous day, added some mozzarella cheese (add the calcium) then did some oven sweet potato fries with spicy mayo. Nice veggie packed dinner!

We ended the night with some Birthday cake for my cousin and time with the family. I had a little icing and some good laughs.

What did you do this weekend?

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