Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Post Birthday Hump Day

Dinner last night was nice and quick so I could play with my birthday presents! We did burgers and steamed veggies. I had a MorningStar Black Bean Burger on a whole wheat bun with Laughing Cow Cheese.

This was a perfect dinner for me on my Birthday.

Then it was time to play with Birthday presents.

Hubby got me all the chocolate making fun stuff, I got a Spa Finder Gift Card from the SIL, and a Heart Monitor watch from my in-laws. It was the prefect thing to try with my workout last night! Bikini Revolution sculpting. Since I messed up using the watch a little last night, I will not give a review yet, one to come tomorrow.

After that Hubby and I had a the last of the fudge from this weekend.

Thanks for everyone that made it a great Birthday!

This morning Hubby and I had dentist appts, so I grabbed this quick breakfast and got coffee at work.

Today's lunch was a rye sandwich with Laughing Cow cheese and cucumber, with sides of carrots and an apple.

I will confess also today was a bunch of PB M&M's. I need to just realize there are a trigger food for me and AVOID them. Do you have any foods you just need to avoid?


  1. oh is that the spicy black bean burger from costco? if it is...I LOVE that stuff. its sooo good with some avocado too :)

    great birthday loot.

  2. Of course it is Costco, I think we have way to much in common for people who live across the country!