Thursday, December 9, 2010

O Christmas Tree

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating the house for the holidays! Because of that (much to Hubby's dislike) I do it right after Thanksgiving (and the part where we have a fake tree that will last that long)Smile I put on the Christmas music and go to town decorating the house. Because I need help, I do the tree on Hubby's schedule. Which means it went up pretty early in the day. But that is fine we me!! Here is our pretty tree.

As you can see I did my Christmas wrapping on  Black Friday as well so we are all set to enjoy the holidaysGift with a bow

Although I love the ease of a fake tree, I do miss the smell of the tree. Easy solution for me, enter Yankee Candle Christmas Wreath Tarts.

I place one of these on a mug warmer in the room and have it come on with the tree so the whole house smells like Christmas tree still. Easy solution and makes me and Hubby happy!

Here is the tree at night, I really do love having it up!


  1. i bought two jars of the yankee candle and burn it every night. it makes me hate my fake tree less :)

    love the tree. great job on decorating.