Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pie Me!

For some reason this year for Thanksgiving I decided I wanted to make a pie from scratch. (I think I will blame Leslie for making one a few weeks ago!) Since hubby is not a huge fan of pumpkin (I know seriously, what is his problem), I thought a nice apple pie would be great for him. So Wednesday I went to work on my pie! I pulled out the lovely Cookery Year British Cookbook and found an easy crust recipe. 

12 ounces (by weight) of flour, 3 ounces of shorting, and 3 ounces of chilled butter.

Mixing together with 3 TBSP of cold water. Then it was into some plastic wrap and into the fridge with my crust.

Once the crust was chilled I rolled it into my pie plate.

Not too bad for my first try (I think it was a little dry and could have used more water but of well, maybe next time).

After the crust was ready it was time to get my apples going!

I love this little apple corer and cutter. I used this then a knife to half each apple slice. (Side note I did not need all 4 apples for my pie. 2 was plenty, good thing I LOVE Granny Smiths!)

I added the apples into my pie a layer at a time and sprinkled them with brown sugar and cinnamon between layers. (Put as much as you like I was not really exact with this part – I love this type of baking!) I did two layers then I tried to make the top lattice like.

Not perfect, but I was pretty happy with the way it looked. At this point it went into the fridge to be cooked at my mom’s for Thanksgiving dinner. After 30 mins at 400 degrees and 20 at 350 degrees, here was my pie.

Overall my pie was good. The bottom crust was a little dry but I think that might have been from not cooking it right away. The flavor was great and the non-dessert eater Hubby even finished the 1/3 that was left one night himself!

Although not perfect I am saving my first pie was a success!

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