Monday, April 9, 2012

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule. Write a list of your daily routine from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. Be honest!

Here is my schedule:

6:25 am –Wake up and head to the shower to get ready

6:45 am – Take the puppy for a walk

7:00 am – Wake up little miss, get her ready for school, and head downstairs to have breakfast

7:45 am – We all leave the house

8:30 am – Arrive at work (I would say what my day looks like but it is always changing)

4:30 pm – Leave work

5:15 pm – Pick up little miss and head home

5:45 – Take the puppy out then start dinner and give little miss her dinner

6:30 pm – Dinner with hubby

6:45 pm – Make lunches and get ready for the next day

7:15 pm – Play with little miss or workout with her (maybe)

7:45 pm – Story time and last bottle

8:00 pm – Put little miss to bed, then workout (maybe), do things around the house or relax

10:00 pm – Bed time


What does your day look like?

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