Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting back to normal

I ran a bunch of errands on the way home since Hubby was going to be late. When I got home I made my self a salad with leftover shrimp from the weekend, some beets, and balsamic dressing. It was nice and light and just what I needed.

After dinner, I finished my 10 lb Slimdown (recap post to follow) and then finished a book waiting for hubby.

Loved this book. I would highly recommend it to anyone (like me) who stills have the occasional binge. The book did not help me get rid of the binges (yet) but I am starting to understand them better and think I can control them more. Really loved the way it was written. What eating/self help books do you enjoy?

Today I was craving chocolate, so I had some more Friendship Bread and tea for breakfast.

Lunch is light (although I had a mini soft pretzel this morning) just a salad with cranberries, almonds, and balsamic dressing.

We have a meeting this afternoon, so I know some candy or Starbucks is in my future too!

And be jealous I am off again tomorrow!!  Sorry, I could not help it!

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