Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day weekend

Saturday was our annual Father's Day BBQ for the dad's! The morning started with a breakfast pizza on naan that Hubby made with my tea from Friday.

The naan had onions, mushrooms, scrambles eggs, bacon and cheese. With a little hot sauce it was quiet tasty and kept me held over all day. Hubby and I ran errands and got all the food ready in the morning. Including playing with our pineapple cutter (and yes we bought the pineapple just to use the cutter).

Here is Hubby in action...

 In the last picture you can see how the pineapple came out of the "shell" and was so easy, let me tell you little to no lost pineapple and super easy. We will be buying more pineapples now. We even used the shell to make a pretty presentation...more later!

Our guest arrived and it was time to celebrate the dad's:)
This is from our wedding cocktail hour. Hubby is in the middle, my dad on the left (followed by the now brother-in-law), his on the right and the far right is Hubby's Godfather.

Back the the BBQ, first was snack by the Mom's!

We had cheeses, veggies, grapes, crackers, and dips. I was good and kept to veggies and grapes!

Time for dinner (Hubby and I are known to go overboard but kept it simple this year.)

On one side of the kitchen was a salad bar (and potato salad) with all types of fun add ins. Like the trays hubby built me last year to use to serve the foods? He is very handy (remember my stool?)

On the other side was burgers with whole grain rolls, English sausages from Whole Foods, and corn.

It was a great dinner, I had salad, a few ears of corn, a burger with no bun and half a sausage. I did not feel overly full and was happy with myself.

Dessert was up later in the night and contained the following

A strawberry cream pie made by my sister-in-law, the pineapple from the morning, filled with pineapple and strawberries, chocolate cups with berries and my cookies from Friday. The chocolate cups where also made by me and Hubby in the morning! We had a great night and enjoyed the time with our families.

I hope all the Father's had a great day this weekend, especially my dad! Love you:)

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