Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grapes and Berries Today

Last night it was just me at home for dinner so I was able to get a lot done (random household chores) then had dinner.

The continued effort to clean out the fridge produced the following: a soft pretzel with Brie Cheese dip and herb cheese dip. To get my veggies in I added a salad with mushroom, cucumber, and hummus. It was a nice light dinner in this crazy heat we are having in the Northeast.

After dinner it was time for some Yoga and Sculpt with the Bikini Revolution. Then I watched some TV and did some reading before bed.

Breakfast this more was more fruit! A bowl of red and green grapes with blueberries and a side of Earl Grey.

BBQ Popchips, salad with hummus (yes I have stolen this idea from Sarah!), mushrooms, and cucumber (wait was that the same salad from last night:) last of the cherries ;( and some chocolate covered cookies I made the other day.

Also pictured is some Mango coconut water I grabbed at the store this morning on sale. I have been reading about this stuff all over the blog world and when I stopped to grab some car snacks for our trip this weekend I grabbed some (for $1 how could I not). I have not tried it yet but plan to soon. What do you think of coconut water?

Not much else today trying to get caught up for another wedding weekend! What are your plans for the weekend?

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